Joint Accreditation

Apex Receives An Early Christmas Gift, Joint Accreditation!

Joint Accreditation
Lafayette, LA, January 10, 2020
We are extremely proud to announce that Apex Innovations has been designated as an approved provider of Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) by the Joint Accreditation organization. This confirms and directly reflects the diligence of our clinical and development teams in producing content applicable to the entire healthcare team. IPCE is when members of two or more professions learn with, from, and about each other, in a coordinated effort to improve health outcomes. Because healthcare involves coordinated teamwork, we offer continuing education designed to impact group processes and promote collaborative practice. The interprofessional team and other clinicians can all benefit from our course offerings. Joint Accreditation reflects compliance with multiple criteria established by the co-founders, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). We look forward to providing you with quality interprofessional continuing education!
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Competency Validation System

Lafayette, LA, January 10, 2020
Quantum Product For more than 15 years, Apex Innovations has been your partner in online specialty courseware that combines educational content, current guideline-based practice, quality and excellence with robust graphics and interactivity. Today, we are announcing the acquisition of Objectivity Plus and its competency validation tool, Quantum! This acquisition provides Apex customers a complete suite of products for education, testing, competency validation, and remediation!
After completion of didactic online courseware (imPULSE 3.0, Hemispheres 2.0, Sepsis 2.0, Responder, Heart Failure Comprehensive, or Heart Failure Focused), observe demonstration of procedures and skills as measured by Quantum. Using a proprietary algorithm, Quantum converts your procedural rating items and checklists into measurable performance elements for a comprehensive validation report available to leadership and surveyor audits.
Quantum results are presented in an easy-to-understand format that accurately places an individual or team's performance on a range, beginner to expert, as identified by Patricia Benner's Stages of Clinical Competence. Brian White, Apex Senior Vice-President states, "While many products or services on the market talk about how to determine staff competency, Quantum is the only system that accurately and psychometrically measures an individual’s combined knowledge, skill, and attitude to provide an actual score."
White states, "The development of the Quantum app for both Android and iPhone makes this an exceptionally easy, convenient, and portable tool that can be used nearly anywhere at any time!"
Obtain reliable data to validate strengths, weaknesses, and competency using the Quantum algorithm along with a standard to measure an individual or a team.
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Apex Innovations on KLFY News

Lafayette-based medical education company making learning a lot easier

Lafayette, LA, March 16, 2018
Apex Innovations, the company that delivers high-quality, evidence-based continuing education programs for healthcare professionals, was featured on local news station KLFY on Wednesday. Apex Innovations President and Founder, Marianne Bourgeois, BSN, RN, and Senior Vice president, Brian White were featured in this exciting news clip viewable here:
According to Bourgeois, when healthcare professionals actually see what happens inside the body through our amazing animations, a “lightbulb goes on”, and they can finally understand difficult concepts. “We make learning engaging and fun,” says White.
The entire company was started by Bourgeois in 2003. Apex Innovations operates with a well-oiled team of 15 employees. According to White, “We have so many projects going on, we hope to expand in the future.”
About Apex Innovations
Apex Innovations is an international leader in highly interactive, accredited, online education for healthcare professionals and was founded in 2003 by Marianne Bourgeois. With a corporate office in Lafayette, LA, Apex Innovations designs, manufactures, and provides unique tools, software, competencies, resources, and accredited educational programs for individuals, universities, organizations, and corporations around the world.
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